Our Services



TDWS is a Dog Walking & Pet Care Business that is friendly,

professional and reliable.     

We provide a caring service, paying special attention to your Dogs, Cats & Small Animal needs.

Although our main service is Dog Walking, we also offer a Pop in

and Puppy Pet Care Service too.

20 minutes for Feeding & care for any Small Pets, Puppies, Cats,

Rabbits, Birds, Bearded Dragons included, (sorry but no other exotic pets).  


30 minutes for extra special services such as Puppy Care & Basic

Puppy Training Techniques, & lots of fun and play, & eventually if you wish, introduce your Puppy to the rest of the pack and take  him / her out for walks.

When you are away from home we can help to provide your Pets

with the exercise and attention that they deserve; with lots of fun & playtime.

Hiring a Dog walker means that while you are out all day working

you will have peace of mind in the knowledge that your Dog is having a long walk or run that will wear him or her out until you come back home.

We provide a service that is customised to meet the needs of both the owners and their pets.


As lifelong Pet Owners ourselves and passionate Animal Lovers    to us Pets come first; so you can expect that your Pets, will be well cared for and their individual needs will be met.


                                Pet Transport Included





                    Whilst on holiday, Dawn & Ian,

                       had a key to let themselves in.

                       They came twice a day to feed our

                       cat Pixie & clean her litter tray.

                       They open and drawed the curtains. Turned a

                       light on at night, they are very experienced and


                               Would Highly Recommend

                                         Very Trustworthy

                                             Kerrie, David Waddington