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          Our names are Dawn & Ian, we live in the beautiful village of

          Kingskerswell Newton Abbot.

          We are a family run Pet business, better known as Teignbridge

          Dog Walking Services ( TDWS ).

          We have owned various Pets throughout our lives. We have had

          a Tri-colour Collie named Candy, 2 German Sheperds, their names

          were Khan & Kara, a Retriever cross named Bonny,   

          We cannot forget our beautiful girl.

          Coesha, ( a Rottweiler ), who we loved dearly she sadly passed away 

          at the age of 10 in 2016.

          We could not be without having a dog as a member of our family.

          So we decided to get a Golden Retriever, her name is

          Summer, she is a beautiful girl, and clever. She was born in

          November 2016. Summer enjoys her walks in the woods at

          Kerswell Downs & on the beach.

          She has been so easy to train, her best playtime game is Hide &

          Seek. We have also had many beautiful Cats over the years.

          Honey is our Fluffy bundle of joy now ( some call her the Honey

          Monster ) but we'll have none of it, she is Mummy & Daddys

          little girl.

          We also have a Fish Tank with 2 Large Goldfish and a large

          Catfish (Plecostomus ), their names are

          Sooty (  he is black/gold  ), Silver (you can guess what colour she

          is). Then there is our Catfish  Plecky.

          So you can see we are a Pet Loving Family, who would Love and

          Care for your Pets as much as we love and care for our own.









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